29 May 2021

Celebrating International Dermatoglyphics Day_28th May

Many of you would not even have heard of Dermatoglyphics! Well, first, the Author, Aloke S Hurra, would like to commemorate the Father of Dermatoglyphics, Dr. Harold Cummins on his birthdate, 28th May by declaring this day as the INTERNATIONAL DERMATOGLYPHICS DAY & would call upon all Dermatoglyphics Practitioners across the globe to join in the celebrations every year!

Dermatoglyphics is a part of Anthropology and is mainly used to understand the “Evolution of Human Intellect”! This science is also widely used by Psychologists doing their Ph.Ds for better understanding the Human behavioral tendencies and establishing health trends based on their research: Blood pressure/ Breast cancer/ Diabetes/ Hyper tension etc are very easily decoded using Dermatoglyphics!

The major day to day use of Dermatoglyphics is now to understand humans for their inborn talents and guide them as per age: through Dermatoglyphics, it becomes easy to understand the following:

  • What is easy for the brain
  • Giving directions according to the easy zones or strengths towards Academics/ Sports/ Indoor Activities/ Hobbies/ Careers
  • What is difficult for the brain
  • Understanding exactly why it is difficult and providing absolutely targeted solutions for enhancing those zones
  • What is the overall personality of the person: accordingly, the challenge acceptance and guidance process
  • Professional path
  • Couple compatibility/ Team compatibility

And..the best part: all this is known without asking a single question! Unlike the paper-pencil tests, here the unique static inputs of fingerprints are used to decode the human brain for its parameters.

Many more things are known for the individual: reasons for anxieties/ headaches/ possibilities of blood pressure/ diabetes/ breast cancer for women/ indigestion-acidity/ intolerances for lactose-gluten: all through understanding this wonderful science called as dermatoglyphics!

A brief historical research shows that Dermatoglyphics was actually born in India: there are proofs of fingerprints in our scriptures and their usage for understanding individuals and guiding them towards their inborn talents as well as healthy lifestyles! Salute to the Indian Gurus for their advancement in understanding humans perfectly.

Aloke S Hurra & his partner, Sanjeev Agarwal are the co-Creators of BRAINBOW DNE: world’s most advanced and accurate Dermatoglyphics System under the guidance of Dr. Jordan Chang, who is the creator of world’s first ever Dermatoglyphics system way back in 1997. BRAINBOW DNE- Dermatoglyphics Neuroscientific Evaluation has guided thousands of families across all age groups from toddler to grown-up adults & is having maximum “word-of-mouth” referrals. With worldwide operations, BRAINBOW DNE is on its way to become an indispensable tool for every human for getting perfect guidance and a complete life path.

Visit www.brainbow.co.in and connect immediately with a Brainbow Expert. Celebrate life. Follow SMS: Sanitize/ Mask/ Social distancing.

Here’s wishing everyone a HAPPY DERMATOGLYPHICS DAY! 28th May!