15 May 2021

Corona & Induced Stresses

We, the Humans, the ultimate and most intelligent forms of the universal energies, have been given the ability to distinguish right from wrong. We have developed our intellect to be able to touch heights of innovation & have almost conquered every other aspect of nature: whether it be the space, the oceans, the mountains or the depths of the earth! Through our constant knowledge seeking, we have gone on to even challenge, the eternal forces & change the balance of the earth: we have cut trees, we have mined the earth till the depths that we could & continue to do so, similarly we have mined oil from the depths of the ocean, we have built concrete jungles wherever possible and pushed farms & greeneries out of our lives as far as possible. We have indeed, progressed beyond imagination!

We had heard of hypothetical stories where humans, who have somehow always tried to dominate nature, and once they have succeeded in putting even the most ferocious of the lions in the cage and conquered it, have still got the intent of dominate even other humans & make them bow down to their orders and push them to slavery. One such hypothetical story talked about biological warfare and the extent to which this weapon will make the entire universe bow down without a single traditional weapon being used or a single bullet being fired. Are we witnessing something of this sort, a biological weapon, through the current suffering on the earth, called as Corona? Is this disease Nature’s curse to the humans or is it a biological weapon? We all need to ponder on this.

Yes, the physical damage, the number of people suffering globally as well as the number of deaths caused by this curse/weapon, are indeed huge: but the bigger damage is actually different: it is psychological & is leading to high Induced Stresses which, in turn, is reducing the immunity of individuals & then entering the vicious cycle of dealing both physically and mentally with this demon called as Corona. People are losing the battle more mentally than physically!

Do you know that every individual, who is unique, is also born with a different set of innate psychological strengths. These strengths, when nurtured properly, help develop a mental strength which ensures that the individual is easily able to fight out even the worst of the diseases as well as situations. Once an individual understands the innate psychological strengths, life is no longer a traumatic journey: it becomes a wonderful life journey which becomes exemplary for the happiness attached with situational dominance because of being in control of every situation: mentally as well as physically.

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God bless all. Let’s fight corona sensibly: be positive, wear a mask, maintain social distancing & sanitize your hands as much as possible.