20 May 2021

Corona & Induced Stresses_Part 3

The morning hustle has started!

Have the children woken up?

The School Van should be here any moment: Come on my dear child, get ready fast.

I need to go to attend the Parent Teacher meet today: Dear, would it be possible for you also to attend as the teacher wants to discuss a few observations of our child in presence of the school counselor?

I have to take our child for sports practice: please send the car and driver or book a cab for us at sharp 4:15pm…

All the above statements seem like dreams in today’s life thanks to the pandemic: Corona! Life has come to a standstill.

Let’s spare a thought for the child: we as adults are certainly frustrated and are in a belief system that no one else can suffer more than us. But, think of the child, who’s wings have been cut. Who does not even understand at age 4/7/9 about the restrictions on movements thanks to corona! Who likes to see Papa and Mom close around but then is perplexed on why the family can’t move out together and enjoy those long car rides and have ice-cream at some outlet. The constant cribbing of this child is to be allowed to move out and run, play and meet friends. The reactions of parents when the child starts becoming stubborn and persuasive in these normal time demands are again a mystery for the child:

  • The parents used to earlier preach to the child to go and spend quality time with friends in the parks and closer to nature;
  • The parents used to snatch the mobile from the child’s hands and spank or scold for over usage;
  • The parents used to always plead the child to spend more time with them rather than with friends or neighbours;

Today, the scene is completely different:

  • The child is not allowed to step out of the house: and yes, it is the need of the hour to help avoid corona’s entry into the household;
  • The parents encourage the child now to spend as much time as possible on the mobiles so that they are occupied and not eating their head!
  • The parents are looking for privacy: they are trying to keep the child away of late as they feel the child is interested in knowing everything in their 24 hours itinerary!

Well, Corona is teaching us quite a lesson: the most important, as mentioned in my earlier blogs, the mental lessons are much more difficult than the physical ones! But for the child, the lack of physical movements is hitting them hard.

  • What should be done so that children are happily occupied even within the safe corners of the house?
  • What is it that will help increase the productivity of the children with clarity on the indoor activities being specifically defined?
  • How will the learning styles of the child get better developed with online classes happening?
  • How do we ensure that the child’s focus and concentration is kept intact in these trying times while spending 24×7 at home?

Well, many such questions are now hitting the parents on a daily basis. The answers lie in a simple evaluation: The Brainbow DNE- Dermatolgyphics Neuroscientific Evaluation, where no questions are asked and based on static inputs, the Inborn Innate Skills and Talents of every person can be decoded precisely. So whether it be guidance on indoor Sports/ activities/ hobbies/ study methods/ few extra curricular classes, all this and much more can be perfectly known through the Brainbow DNE.

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Yes, always, Stay positive. Keep smiling and wear a mask. Maintain social distancing. Keep washing your hands with liquid soap or keep sanitizing your hands regularly.