Customer Testimonials

Here’s what some of them had to say about us:

Yash Anavadiya
Dineshchandra & Hansa
They found concept explanation, details in the report, remedies suggested, brainbow experience excellent and consultation good.
Ruhani Dalal
Hetal & Paulomi
“ We are very happy to come here, almost all our questions were answered here. Now it will be very easy for us to make decisions for our daughter’s carrier. Everything was explained nicely to us and even our daughter is clear about what should be done next.”
Dhruv Rai
Rahul & Radhika Rai

Knowing one’s child in this perspective has been a wonderful experience. The suggestions need to be implemented to make the best of this. Wonderful work done by AMI. 

Arvind Shah
Mafatlal & Sharda
“ I don’t believe the type of science but anyhow this matter is 90% right. Thanks “