The word BRAINBOW, originates as rightly thought by you, from the RAINBOW:

RAINBOW signifies the seven colors gifted to NATURE. BRAINBOW signifies different bits of Intelligence gifted to every human by NATURE. So, BRAINBOW is the reflection of an Individual’s NATURE, which comprises almost 90%+ of the sub-conscious outline of a person’s activities.

Aloke Shyamsunder Hurra

Co-owner: Academy of Multiple Intelligence
Strong Belief: Innate Intelligence Evaluation based on BRAINBOW is the only way in which a person can lead a COMPLETE potential life free of any STRESS or PRESSURES…Every person should GO FOR IT!

Aloke has become a household name to all the clients whom he has consulted in DNE. His sincere approach, true-to-heart rendering of all strengths and weaknesses of every client, distinguishes him from normal people who need to impress others to gain the respect that Aloke naturally gets.

Aloke himself is a first generation Technocrat with a B.E. (Mech-CAD/CAM) degree from LDCE, Ahmedabad. He has an overall experience of more than 21 years, with almost 15 years as an Industrialist. The practical honing of skills, stress-bearing capacity, problem-solving, business ownership responsibilities have nurtured him professionally. Coupled with that, almost 6 years into Human Resources, with the onus on understanding human productivity and delivery before selling careers, as well as mentoring 1st generation Technocrats in premium institutes like CIIE/IIM-A, Aloke has gained a lot of corporate sense and synergy when it comes to actual achievements of goals. His first-hand knowledge of Multiple Intelligence gained through interactions with the best in IIM has led further to Aloke actually now training teachers on the subject! Aloke has also conducted 100+ seminars on Industrial behavior, Stress management, Time-management, Importance of communication skills etc in known corporates! Aloke has helped change lives of many people. When he took up DNE as his final chosen profession and got into developing BRAINBOW along with Sanjeev & Dhirendra, the entire focus was on providing practical SOLUTIONS for each and every person. Aloke is popular across various age groups as seen from his connectivity on facebook and linked-in!

Aloke is highly inspired by people who can self-motivate as well as lead others through the crisis. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Swami Vivekananda, Bhagwad Geeta are constant motivators for Aloke. The best moment to date has been when he was able to bring the divorced parents of a 12-year-old boy together based on his meticulous consultation and empathetical approach, where even top psychiatrists had failed. Add to that, a lot of children & professionals whose productivity has increased manyfold, thanks to the practical solutions given as per natural abilities, the Job-satisfaction is reflected in Aloke’s approach now to live.

The journey from an Industrialist to an HR consultant to now an “Intellectual Distributor”, Aloke’s life is fully focussed on creating ‘human-wealth’ by discovering the ‘genius’ within each and every human being. The constant need for increasing his own knowledge, sharing all that he gains with his team members & learning from every person that he meets is what Aloke does every day.

Sanjeev Ashokkumar Agarwal

Co-owner : Academy of Multiple Intelligence
Strong Belief: There are never problem children, there are always problem parents- they look to fulfill their aspirations through their children

Sanjeev is “Passion” personified..!!. Whether it be his professional, personal or social life, wherever he goes, he radiates his energy and his enthusiasm is infectious thereby leaving a long-lasting impact on the people he meets. His sense of humor is irresistible hence attracts friends easily..!!

Sanjeev is a diligent Xavierite from Loyola Hall Ahmedabad and an MBA with Marketing and HR. He comes from a royal background of inherited business in textiles. This is one of the first marwadi family to migrate to Ahmedabad 8 decades ago.

He is a seasoned businessman beginning from a decade of handling his family textile business. Thereafter he moved to the corporates and worked at senior to top level management. He led the International marketing division as a Director – with Jindal Worldwide Ltd. He was also the Chief Manager – International Sales & Marketing of the Shirting’s division at The Arvind Mills Ltd. In between, he had an assignment at Bahrain for a company engaged in the distribution of security systems. He has a history of achieving illustrious business records in all his corporate assignments.

Under the mentorship of his role model and spiritual guru, his dad – Shri Ashok Agarwal, Sanjeev has specialized in Reiki therapy, pendulum dowsing, and vastu. He has helped countless families solve their personal and professional problems. No wonder he is known as a “Spiritual troubleshooter” !!!

In his quest to equip himself with a deeper understanding of the human brain, he came across DNE through his friend Aloke. He acquired proficiency in this area and then realized the potential of DNE as a concrete intervention tool for professional assessments in the corporate HR. Through his various interactions with top-level HR professionals across various sectors, he got guidelines regarding various conventional assessment tools like MBTI, FIRO-B, TKI, DISC etc. While these tests were done based on dynamic inputs and hence gave variable results, he questioned whether the same could be done through static inputs like fingerprints and if possible, the results would be much more stable and accurate.

This innovative thought was shared with his friend Aloke and BRAINBOW took shape.

Brainbow now available in all the Zones across India

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