Dne: Dermatoglyphics Neuroscientific Evaluation

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) contains genetic information of an organism that is unique for each organism. … Although every DNA present in the genome is not unique, there are repetitive sequences. Each DNA present in a single person can have variations, but if we sequence the whole genome, it would be unique.

Dermatoglyphics Neuroscientific evaluation (DNE) : Dermatoglyphics is a branch of human morphology that studies the skin relief of the palms and soles, where the skin is covered with patterns of numerous ridges (papillary lines) also called as- fingerprints on the finger endpoints: is unique for each person. Although fingerprint patterns present in every human is not unique, it is the minutiae which as a variant of bifurcations/ islands/ forks etc lead each person’s fingerprints to be unique! DNE helps to understand the Inborn skillsets of humans.

DNA profiling (also called DNA fingerprinting, DNA testing, or DNA typing) is a forensic technique used to identify individuals by characteristics of their DNA. A DNA profile is a small set of DNA variations that is very likely to be different in all unrelated individuals, thereby being as unique to individuals as are fingerprints (hence the alternative name for the technique). First developed and used in 1984, DNA profiling is used in, for example, parentage testing and criminal investigation, to identify a person or to place a person at a crime scene, techniques which are now employed globally in forensic science to facilitate police detective work and help clarify paternity and immigration disputes as also to know genetically transferred diseases.

DNE profiling is a technique which is used to identify the Natural skillsets which a human is born with using the unique fingerprints as inputs and applying the forensic developed methods to arrive at the “Quantitative & Qualitative” positioning of the 10 lobes of the human brain. This identification can relieve the person of stresses arriving due to pursuance of activities not naturally suited to that brain. DNE profiling also gives a lot of health preventives based on the knowledge present in ancient Indian manuscripts.

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DNA is rightly the BLUEPRINT of the human’s LIFE
DNE is the BLUEPRINT of the GREY matter!