Personalized Learning Methods For Kids

  • Identify & Nurture innate skills, talents and improvement areas.
  • Channelize the learning styles and methods.
  • Optimize learning through SRWSM sequence: Sight (Visual), Recite (Auditory), & Write (Kinesthetic).
  • Understand the natural character traits of the child.
  • Motivate and encourage children based on their innate.
  • Build confidence and healthy self-image in children.
  • Improve parent-children relationships.
  • Select the appropriate board for education

The first joy for any parents is in interacting with their child! Every parent wants to convey a lot of things & information to their child & does it the way he or she knows it the best: ‘the way he or she knows it the best’! Here there is a hidden message! What if the communication style of the parents is not necessarily the way in which the child’s brain is programmed to receive the information or understand the communication immediately? Well, here starts the gap of communication between the parents and the child leading to ultimate frustration and at times anger. So what can be done? Here enters Brainbow: through Brainbow, the precise style of acquiring- Sight/Recite/Write of the child can be decoded in percentages leading to very easy communication between parents and the child.

Once communication is known Brainbow helps in knowledge gaining based on the precise pattern of acquiring- Sight broken to Text/Pictures/ Recite broken to Language/Sound & Write broken to Fine Motor skills/Gross motor skills! The chronology of learning defines how the child is to be taught precisely! So learning becomes fun & easy!

Then for small kids, comes the 1st major decision to be taken after pre-school: In which school should the parents send the child? This is the major question being asked to every pre-school principal/ teachers/ trustees! They of course try and guide to the best of their knowledge keeping lot of parameters in mind, but Brainbow gives you precise percentage of acquiring that the child will have in different variants of “Boards” available! So whether the child is best suited for State Board/ CBSE/ ICSE/ IB will be seen as the acquiring percentage of the child in particular board. Choosing a school then becomes very easy!

Hobbies and Activities of the child are understood based on the Innates as well as the Orientation. Due to this, there is quick recognition of the Natural talent the child possesses. The child in turn too becomes very confident due to early and easy success achieved. Basically, Brainbow is able to identify the “Race” for which the child is born!

Again, for small children, once the “Average” or “Limitation” zones are identified, the remedial can be done immediately so that the same can be acquired! Nurture the Nature!